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Skirt hanger Rofit


MAWA Rofit - The MAWA skirt hanger for crease-free wearing

Discover the perfect combination of quality, functionality and sustainability with our ECO friendly and SKIN friendly metal hangers including a 360 ° rotatable hook and anti-slip effect.

So simple, so clever. The MAWA Roft is one of our best-selling clothes hangers. And there is a good reason for that: the MAWA Rofit offers a simple and ingenious solution. Regardless of the size of a skirt, it always remains perfectly crease-free thanks to the tension of the variable spring on the waistband. The MAWA Rofit - what more could you want from a hanger?

A tidy looking closet will make your life more enjoyable. Therefore all our hangers have the same hanging height for a uniform look in your wardrobe.