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Metal clip Polyclip


Universal staple MAWA Poly-Clip - versatile use in the household.

  • NON SLIP - MAWA clips have an anti-slip coating to prevent your clothes from slipping off.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY - At MAWA, we care about the environment. That's why MAWA clothes hangers contain no heavy metals and no phthalate-containing softeners.
  • UNIFORM LOOK - Our hangers all have the same hang height for a uniform look in your wardrobe. MAWA has been producing clothes hangers in Bavaria since 1948.

Packaging, whether frozen food bags, coffee bags, spice and other packaging - the MAWA metal hanger holds it all. You can rely on its strong holding power. Nothing slips away. Even water contact doesn't bother the cllip, because it doesn't rust.

Although this clip is really strong, it can be easily pressed apart. The clip is 5.5 cm long.