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Wooden hanger with skirt notches Profi RE RFS


10 Comfort hangers MAWA Professional RE RFS - the all-rounder for multiple use strong

  • FIT - This hanger is available in different widths. Its hook can be rotated 360 degrees.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - We care for our environment. Therefore, our metal hangers are provided with a plasticizer-free coating. For our wooden hangers we use FSC-certified beech.
  • UNIFORM IMAGE - Our hangers are all the same hanging height for a unified look in your closet. MAWA hangers produced since 1948 in Bavaria.

A true professional can be recognized that it works perfectly every time. Among the hangers is certainly the MAWA Professional RE RFS. Whichever piece of clothing or what combination you want to use it, it always provides an excellent solution. With its flat head collar form, it is perfect for a variety of uses. For a suit or a costume as well as for a jacket or a coat. About the Rockeinhänger you can hang every rock. And the slip covered dock prevents slipping the pants. Additional opportunities offered by the any position whatsoever, matte nickel-plated hooks "made in Germany" with 4 mm diameter. Even heavier garments such as winter coats hanging here absolutely secure.