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Lightweight hanger with skirt hooks Silhouette FRS


10 Universal Hangers MAWA Silhouette FRS - prêt-à-porter for outfits and suits

  • PRACTICAL - The hook on our Silhouette coat hanger can be rotated 360 °.
  • NON SLIP - MAWA clothes hangers are provided with an anti-slip coating so that your item of clothing cannot slip off.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - At MAWA, we take care of the environment. This is why MAWA clothes hangers do not contain any heavy metals or plasticizers containing phthalates.
  • UNIFORM LOOK - Our hangers all have the same hanging height for a unified look in your wardrobe. MAWA has been producing coat hangers in Bavaria since 1948.
  • SPACE SAVING-these slim hangers will save up to 40% space in the wardrobe.

Combine as you wish and put together your favorite outfits - With this combination hanger you can connect the top and skirt or trousers and hang them up without creases. The all-over coating protectsthe fabric and prevents clothes from slipping. The body-hugging outline offers perfect stability. There are extra hook for skirts. Your clothes will stay wrinkle-free and in great shape. This narrow hanger also saves space in the wardrobe. The hook can of course be rotated.