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Made in Germany

Our Aim:

Quality down to the last detail
Well thought-out innovations and high-quality products
Compliance with social and environmental standards
That is why we develop and produce in Germany and are proud of "Made in Germany".

- more precisely in Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm, north of Munich. In 1948 the Swabian engineer Martin Wagner founded the metal goods factory MAWA there. One of the first patents was the trouser stretcher, which quickly captured housewives' wardrobes and clothes rails in fashion boutiques. MAWA has relied on this tradition of constant perfection and innovation for over 60 years. In-house production allows the templates to be adapted to new fashions and trends. Should the shoulders be broader, the wardrobes full or the fabrics lighter - MAWA reacts to current developments with its own machines and designs the clothes hangers into a perfect shape.
Another milestone in the development of clothes hangers is the anti-slip coating. It prevents your clothes from sliding on the floor and creasing.

Quality, attention to detail, that is also what Made in Germany is all about. For you, that means sophisticated and durable products. With the purchase of MAWA clothes hangers you also contribute to environmental protection.

In addition, MAWA has organized the entire production process as environmentally friendly as possible. Production is energy efficient, waste is recycled and we take care of your health with the materials used. That is why we label our clothes hangers with the ECO Friendly seal.

The customer and his needs are our focus. Our customers around the world appreciate this: MAWA supplies over 74 countries and our customers repeat buy.

If you are interested in larger or customised orders do contact us at: or call 07834 338568