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10 Body shaped wooden hangers Business

Beech Black lacquered
Beech waxed

10 MAWA Business coat hangers - in perfect shape in every situation

  • PRACTICAL - The hook on our wooden clothes hanger can be rotated 360 
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - At MAWA we pay attention to the environment -so our wooden hangers are FSC certified.
  • UNIFORM LOOK - Our hangers all have the same slope height for a unified look in your wardrobe.

Simple and versatile - that is the MAWA Business coat hanger. Whichever top you want to use it for, the MAWA Business does its job perfectly. It is shaped to fit the body from high-quality beech wood and has a rotatable hook "Made in Germany". The MAWA Business is the perfect wooden hanger for everyday use: Shirts and blouses hang on it without creasing - as do jackets and heavy winter coats. The MAWA hanger quality guarantees that you will continue to enjoy your  business clothes hangers for many years to come.