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Ultra light hanger Economic Light PT


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Shaped lightweight hanger MAWA Economic Light PT - perfect for any type of top

without a collar.

  • PRACTICAL - The hook of our Economic hangers rotates 360°.
  • NON SLIP - MAWA hangers come with an anti-slip coating to prevent your clothes from slipping off.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - At MAWA we care about the environment. That's why MAWA hangers do not contain heavy metals or phthalate-containing softeners.
  • UNIFORM LOOK - Our hangers all have the same hang height for a uniform look in your wardrobe. MAWA has been producing clothes hangers in Bavaria since 1948.
  • SPACE SAVING-narrow and space saving yet still resilliant

This hanger belongs in every small wardrobe. The MAWA Economic Light PT has everything the perfect slimline clothes hanger must have: It's particularly narrow and space-saving yet is also resilient and versatile. It is also useful for hanging and drying your freshly washed laundry -tops will dry in shape and require less ironing. The special coating prevents fabric slipping off the hanger. The MAWA Economic Light PT is the narrowest clothes hanger in the MAWA range and ideal for anyone who needs more space in their wardrobe. The rotating hook guarantees easy handling.