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Trouser hanger KH C 2


10 Trouser Hangers MAWA KH C 2 - ideal for any size of trousers

  • NON SLIP - MAWA hangers have an anti-slip coating so your clothes won't fall off.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - At MAWA we pay attention to the environment. Therefore MAWA hangers don't contain heavy metals or phthalate plasticizer
  • UNIFORM LOOK - Our hangers have the sane hang height to give a unified look to your wardrobe. MAWA hangers have been produced in Bavaria since 1948.

 The MAWA KH C2 offers a particularly clever and space-saving solution with two ridges instead of one. Two pairs of trousers will hang perfectly without creases or folds and the special non slip coating prevents them falling off. This hanger is made of high quality round steel and is also chrome plated - which means great quality and years of use. You can also hang shirts or blouses over the trousers. This dual pupose makes it easy to have an outfit ready for the morning.