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Jacket hanger Bodyform L


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10 hangers MAWA Bodyform L - for light or heavy outerwear

  • MATCH - This hanger is available in different widths. The hook roataes 360 °.
  • NON SLIP - MAWA hangers have a non-slip coating, so that your clothes won't slip off.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - At MAWA we pay attention to the environment. Therefore MAWA hangers contain no heavy metals and no phthalate plasticizers.
  • UNIFORM LOOK - Our hangers all  have the same hang length for a unified look in your wardrobe. MAWA hangers have been produced in Bavaria since 1948.

A versatile coat hanger with many uses, whether blouses, shirts or coats.  The hanger is made of 4,6 mm steel. Heavy coats will hang well on the broad body shaped shoulder pads but it's also suitable for lighter and delicate fabrics to keep them in shape. The full-length sheath ensures that nothing slips off. These metal hangers have an excellent space saving effect compared to conventional hangers.